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History of the Hacienda Uzhupud

Ecuador is traversed throughout its territory by the Andes, which in the course of time has been the cradle of the birth of many important cultures such as Cañari, brave people, intelligent and hardworking, owner of an ancestral wisdom.Cañaris stopped the advance of the Incas, in the territories of what today are the provinces of Canar and Azuay, in its imperial expansion from the plateau of Upper Peru and Cuzco in search of conquering the northern territories and integrate Tahuantinsuyo.

After many years of permanence of these indigenous ancestors in the Andean region where is located the Hacienda Uzhupud, nearby villages and people in rural areas of the valleys of Paute and Gualaceo, despite miscegenation, preserved until today many their traditions and customs imprint a rural flavor in all its cultural manifestations as sacred rituals, music, crafts, food, magic, medicine, etc..Within this indigenous environment born Uzhupud, whose name means Pampa de Aji, a probable combination of two languages: Uchu, Aji in Quichua and Pud, Pampa, plain, flat place in the old Cañarí language spoken in these territories before that the Incas forced to peoples under, to speak only Quechua as an official language.

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Since the early Republican period, the Treasury Uzhupud located in the canton of Paute Azuay province, belonged to the Muñoz Cardenas family, maternal grandparents of the famous Francisco Febres Cordero and Muñoz (1854-1910) known as the Santo Hermano Miguel.Currently in the Hacienda there is a chapel that bears his name.In 1870, the Vintimilla Muñoz, buy the Hacienda their relatives and develop an important agro-industrial activity between 1949 and 1969, the same as was directed by Don Cornelio Muñoz Vintimilla (father) and his family.

The rich culinary tradition of Uzhupud and stories of this estate were published in the books: "Old secrets of cuencana kitchen" and "The Taste of Memories" Doña Eulalia Vintimilla Crespo, knowledgeable and architect of the promotion and preservation culinary and craft of Azuay and Cañar and pioneer in the preservation of ancient architecture of Cuenca, this aspect customs, which was an important element for UNESCO to declare this city as Cultural Heritage.Then in 1968 the Hacienda with its industrial and agricultural facilities passes to Agricultural Development Company S.TO.

In 1979 it is acquired by the business group Sr.Guillermo Vazquez Astudillo who expands and reshapes the old houses turning into a country hotel notch.So the tourist Huertos S born Uzhupud.TO.In 2004 the Hacienda was bought by the descendants of those who administer Vintimilla Muñoz until today.In this process the main house of the Hacienda dating from the late nineteenth century, lost no traditional feature; rather, its architecture and welcoming decor a beautiful infrastructure that opens its doors to those seeking moments of joy and tranquility, peace and nature joined; of complete rest, security and relaxation.

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