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El Trapiche: Old area of ​​the estates of the subtropical valleys where facilities Trapiche, curious and easily composed of a large trunk willow I pulled by oxen moves to the rollers grinding sugar cane tool was thus obtaining " the "delicious and sweet drink cane juice is taken with drops of lemon.

Milling is an area of ​​the Hacienda that invites you to relive the past of a world that no longer return.

Tools of Yesteryear: Within the same Molienda we find this equipment distillation under the ancient roof of handmade tile, and between the wooden pillars of capulí still preserved along with other machines used by our elders as are the troughs to make panela, the century-old stone pot to collect the juice, the colonial Bellow, mills to grind corn cobs and other grains, giving this a charming environment in which we feel the life of a time when the time did not pass.

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